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Infectious smile has infected tears
The laughter strikes with spears
I am not dear and they are not sincere
Feeling fear

Visual Journey

Seeking space and time, thoughts to awaken my mind
Time to walk in my wake, insight for the journey
Fate to spark, reveal what lies beneath the bark
Distracted by the roots of a tree


You can never lose that part of you

Our hearts were beating as one

Dark Night Kiss

The mystery of evil

What a life it implores

Fast Women

Fast women

Your movement is untrue

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Bob the Builder 09 March 2020

nice poem. very interesting.

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S.m. Kozubek 16 July 2012

I've added you to my list of favorite poets.

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S.m. Kozubek 16 July 2012

Your poems are very good-and thank you for your comment.

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Louis Cecile is but a human
being like everyone, but seeks to discover
the mysteries of life and looks for answers.

I have been writing since a young age and have always had a unique perspective of the mad world around me.

My poetry is at its best when dark, but I can find moments to be softer.

I simply enjoy writing and hope people can ...

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