Friday, May 12, 2006


This place is now a nest of darklings.
The air is rank with all their lies.
Once it rang with truth so sparkling;
But now, in the storm, truth dies.
The hall is dark, and much too fright’ning.
I’d rather stay beneath the bed.
The thunder screams behind the lightning.
Ill sirens scream inside my head.
I wonder if the Light is coming.
How I yearn to go Home.
I want no more of Hate’s smug humming.
No more this earth I wish to roam.
Oh, Jesus…
Take me home.
Sophia White
Bri Edwards 24 May 2017
Ill sirens scream inside my head. in 2013 i neglected to ask: is Ill the same as ill or does it stand for 3? ? i am taking this from my MyPoemsList and putting it into my/our June 2017's showcase for PH poets. this (usually) monthly (for the last two years) display of poems by PH members is featuring just poems by 'females' in June (20-30 poems by 20-30 poets): 'males' will get their turn in July. if you do not want this poem used, or if you have questions, PLEASE TELL ME/ASK. Thanks. bri :)
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Bri Edwards 11 February 2013
i read your bio (so young!) and doubt that this poem is a portrayal of your life. as though poems have to be true! but you or someone? writes in your bio that this is one poem which speaks personally about you (something like that, if i recall correctly) . almost all of my poems can be taken literally. but. (correct me please if i am wrong) , your this place refers to Earth (well, you DO write earth near the end) , and home refers to heaven. i imagine you are religious/believe in Jesus, but i don't believe you are seeking to leave earth any time soon. you seem too involved in life. or could this place refer to one of the caves you explore? thanks for sharing. i hope to get back to more of your writing some day.
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very well written, It potrayes a fine sence darkness, very fun indeed to read.
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Keagan Meyer 13 May 2006
Muy bien. way tubular imagery. sets a nice mood of dread and gloom. Oh, and Jesus loves you.
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William Jackson 12 May 2006
I like the image, 'Nest of Darklings'. The poem itself is dark, and I know where you are coming from having been there myself.
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Will Barber 12 May 2006
I was signing off, but decided on a whim to check out the very newest poem on the site. Besides, I thought to myself, you should always listen to Sophia. To my surprise, I found a very accomplished work. A little agonising, to be sure, but a really terrific landscape of the dark mood. I know this place! and I'm going to put you on my friends list so I can read anything else you post, or have posted. Check out my poem 'Medicated' if you need a message.
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