Days Of Infamy Poem by Randy McClave

Days Of Infamy

My great grandparents told me to remember the Alamo
When Americans where slaughtered in Texas,
They were attacked by the Mexican army and not by the Navajo
Then revenge by Americans was proud and infectious.
In the U.S history books we are told to remember that day,
When Americans did fight and did pray.

We are told in our history books to remember Pearl Harbor
When the Japanese Air Force ambushed the U.S,
When the U.S sailors looked over their starboard
They then saw the attacking planes and felt the distress.
Then the People of the United States called for and demanded a war,
And we swore we'd get revenge for evermore.

I will always remember the January 6th attack
When traitorous insurgents attacked our own U.S capital,
They were all cowards carrying weapons and each wearing a mask
And the police was murdered and many were sent to the hospital.
That day and those cowardly traitors I will always remember,
As history will remember the March the 6th, and the 7th of December.

Randy L. McClave

Randy McClave

Randy McClave

Ashland, Kentucky
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