Days That Have Gone Poem by Baidurya Mukherjee

Days That Have Gone

Rating: 4.8

As I looked back, its not yet very far
I can still have a prominent glimpse
Days when i used to make paper boats
And used to knit with them lots of dreams

I can still remember those days
When I used to come home mud smeared
Remembered mom's punishment last week
And deep inside heart I feared

Days when I loved to play hide and seek
Cricket with plastic bat and ball
Think, 'When I will go for job?
I will grow big and tall? '

I loved to get drenched in rain
Come home and ask for honey
Some day I wished to eat outside
So I asked from mom, some money

Now as i grew big enough
With lots of health, wealth and fame
I feel, 'Can't I get back those childhood days
Days with papers boat, against this name'

'Can't I become a kid once more
Play and loiter in the street
Fear to get thrashes from mom.
Think what will happen if she comes and hit? '

Gita Ashok 31 March 2010

Lovely. Makes me yearn for those childhood days, too. As soon as I read this poem, what came to my mind was a song sung by Jagjit Singh and Chitra Singh - that has 'woh kagaz ki kashti woh baarish ka paani' (that translates as: those paper boats, those raindrops)

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Amartya Roy 31 March 2010

I liked your poem....Very good

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Ameera Aidrus 10 April 2008

i wish! good write dear

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David Harris 02 December 2007

Baidurya, this is beautiful. Don't we all wish we could relive our yesterdays, good times and bad as they come. Great poem. Top marks and thanks for sharing it my friend. David

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