My Result Poem by Baidurya Mukherjee

My Result

Rating: 4.2

Who knows what lies in my fate?
'cause tommorow is my result date!
In morn I have to go and get-
My result, which I really hate!

My mother said she would go with me,
Hearing this my brother was full of glee!
'Yeah! ' smiled he
And that was really scary!

'cause I always do bad in my tests
And hide my report card from my parents
Sometimes I hide them in a birds' nest
That over our roof rests.

Earlier I would sneak out quiet!
Not seen by anyone's sight
Then with a little fright
I would ask my sir for my result with all my might,

But this time, damn my mom
She is going to get my report card home,
All i can do is sit and pray,
For my report card to go astray!

Parth Parekh 27 March 2010

yup....... been der....... this poem really does remind me of d days wen i too had to feed the report card to the dogs...... thnx 4 sharing......

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Heidrun Dsouza 26 April 2009

good work..........keep are doing very well....

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Subbaraman N V 12 December 2007

Action is thy duty, fruit is not thy concern! Go strong with positive, good and noble action!

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David Harris 02 December 2007

Baidurya, never be afraid of whatever marks you get. So long as you do your best that is all one can ask. Believe it or not when I was at school so long ago, English was my worst subject, so what did I choose to be a writer. Top marks my friend and thanks for sharing this. David

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