My Brother Part -Ii(Read My Brother Part-I Frst) Poem by Baidurya Mukherjee

My Brother Part -Ii(Read My Brother Part-I Frst)

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After I returned from the nursing home,
My Bumped head looked like a dome..
My Brother not giving me a moment of peace,
Started jumping around me like a tease,
How I wished I could beat him then!
But then I remembered my previous happenings again,
The moment I recovered fully,
My brother pinched me and called me a bully!
Suddenly, a plan struck my head!
'Will you play with me? ' to my brother I said
My Brother in reply said'Great! '
And was not a bit afraid!
As he didn't know what I was going to do with him,
He was completely unaware, as to me it seemed.
Then our Great Playing started,
My Brother always dodged me and darted,
Winning the game everytime,
Then I thought of doing my crime!
My plan was to hold him by his knee
And tickle him till he cried, you see,
But with my blasted luck!
I was the Sitting duck,
'cause soon my brother heart his nose
And I was full of remose
I never wanted gom to hurt that way,
But my mom didn't listen to what I had to say,
She thought that I was taking revenge,
And scolded me like a savage,
So you now see what kind of a boy my brother is,
So my request Is stay away from him please!

Subbaraman N V 12 December 2007

Good! God bless you for all your good thoughts, words and deeds!

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David Harris 02 December 2007

Baidurya, this is cute. Good second part. Great poem and imagery. Top marks my friend and thanks for sharing it. David

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