Dear Grandma

If only heaven and earth were closer
If only it's next door to door that closer to me
If only human have wings like an angel
flying above the clear sky and near us with
unseen eyes if somehow chance were there like as if it never left or gone seem like it was yesterday you were there all it left was a memory in a clear closer memory that long gone but yet so closer
I'm blessed to have a loving granny with such a pure love pure heart carefree heart that loved her grand babies even though we grownup you still imagine us as a babies

A sweet preciouses memory I'll always treasure you forever
I've always treasure you like the beating heartbeat within me
It was a pure love when our heartbeat connection beating among us since the day
I was born the blessings of love
that was there like the heartbeat growth in time that a loving moment of granny was born that I once called a granny

A memory that long gone but yet so close to the heartbeat as your grandchild in my prayer may Almighty God blesses your resting soul
may almighty God lead hear my prayer fora paradise await for you
My eyes may not burst to tears
My world may not turn to blue
Caused my prayer kept me secure
Caused your in Almighty God secure now
In your memorable moment that keep a treasure a memory that bring back moments that treasure a story tell a valuable love treasure of time a story of pure love since the day you were born I was born to be your grandchild

In a loving memory of grannylove has no bound