+dear My Love+ The Letter He Never Received+ Poem by kenya black

+dear My Love+ The Letter He Never Received+

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Dear my love,

I am not what you think
What do I have that you want?
How come you love me so much?
I pondered these questions through my mind
Daily, I sat on my bed and listened to music
You have crossed my mind ever second
I know you love me
You've stayed with me when I needed you
When you needed me
I love you too
Do you really know that?
There is so much I'd love to tell you, but I am speechless
The time has come to tell you, but I do not have words
Emotions towards you that I could never put into words
I lay here stricken of my dearest ability to explain
Detailed pictures of how to tell you
In black in white
In color
Or maybe in Technicolor
I feel strong
I feel weak
I feel as though you are my other half
To complete my entity
You've seen all of my sides
The ones I control
And the ones beyond my control or even my existance
Lately I've been thinking
I want to be a better perosn
I want to live up to your expectations
I want to bear all your children and protect you both in the end
I know I have my ways
But I am not the same anymore
Neither are you
You have changed so much from when I met you
Yet you are the same
I am not good with change
I am also scared of changing myself
But when I think of you
I want better for myself
I live to be adventurous
And lively and beautifull
I am to shine like a blossomed daisy
Your daisy
Yes, I remember
I want to bloom in the sunlight
And grow stronger through the days
I am always yours
You are always mine
When you left me in this world alone
I was lost
I became nothing
I could not imagine life without you
But I have come to realize the love you gave
was also strength to keep me going...
You gave me so much love
So many things
And I leanred so much from you
So that you could guide me later in life
I would be strong and independent by myself
So that I could protect our children
And that you could watch over us both from afar
I still love you
You are still the only one for me
Even now,
and I know you love me too...

With love, your daisy now blooming

kenya black

kenya black

North Carolina
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