*the Guardian In My Fiery Heart* Poem by kenya black

*the Guardian In My Fiery Heart*

Rating: 2.9

I did not know he existed
With his fair hair
And fine skin

There, Here
I saw myself as alone
No matter what questionable fate
I became invisible to the naked eyes of humanity
The cease of my existence had come to a probable blank in the system...

I ran till I could not anymore
The skies were never my limit
My hands soaring in the sky

That day we met
I will never forget
The sun setting in the horizon
And the moon gallavanting over the sky

Dark, misty clouds
Stillness of silent calmness
Winds of flowering esscence
Covering over as drapes stand still in the evening stroll

As I sat on those carrasing steps of the past
Lonely memories escaping my mind like swarm of fireflies
lighting the stars that moved me to the future

I did not know that Id meet him
My eyes quickly avert to the midnight sky
I saw his wings
Beautiful, pure white wings...
Broaden over the night

Darkness held onto me
But his light had shown and carried it away

His eyes met mine
Seeing through to my soul in periless nature
I knew I could trust him

There he was
He held onto me
Warm, broad, curiosity
He became my security
And he had become part of me...

My friend
My companion
My angel
My guardian

He thinks I do not know
All the things he did for me
All the times he saved me
Yet the last time ill ever get to communicate
To express my deepest gratitude of thankfulness...

I stayed there in his arms
A tear reaching my eye
His heart, a caregiver
A corresponding sharer of my pain and guilt...

He was there!
I was there!
We were there!

A moment in time that will never cease to end
As thin layers of ice appear beneath us
I am in his arms of security
Where all yonder worries will be gone...

My guardian in my fiery heart
Blooms like the ever waking days of sunshine
Then suddenly like the grippled take of the sleeping, calming Moon...
My guardian...
Forever the pure white rose that will live in my heart
With fire, with fire!
Fire, the intensity of friendly bonds of unity
Forever a guardian angel in my book of reality and imagination...

*dedicated to my dear friend*
*inspired by my new book im working on*
*and also inspired by 'you're not alone by: Saosin' and 'Be my escape by: Relient K'*

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