*being A Mother* Poem by kenya black

*being A Mother*

Rating: 2.7

When the dark shadows over the moon swayed me
With the wind ripping through my hair willfully
The moon shined bright lighting throughout the whole sky
And I tredged my feet slowly to his house
The house of where I knew it was him...
I could not regret what I have done
Neither could I be tough
My breathing escaped me scarcefully
As though I could not move
With my weak heart racing constantly
I had no idea what to do
But to go see him
Thoughts running through my mind scard me to te rim
Hands shaking
Body stood still
I held my stomach softly
My heart screamed his name
Tears dropped rapidly
All I could say was a whisper
'I need you...I need you now...'
He ran and ran till his arms could reach
I looked in his eyes
I turned my head
He held my face and smiled
'What's wrong love? '
'I'm pregnant, but theres one thing that worries me.'
'What my love? '
'Could I...really be a good mother. I know I would love this child, but really me'
'Don't worry you are, you will be.'
I could only get lost in his eyes as he smiled
It lighted my world and then...
He held my stomach with gracious tears coming down his cheek
And whispered,
'Little one, we will love you very much. We cannot wait to see you.'
I then stopped moving and stayed still
he stopped my tears with his hand and then reached up to kiss me
His soft lips layed on mine silently and we held hands
I then held my stomach wanted to protect this child with all of my might...

David Beckham 02 February 2011

Amazing and moving! Its not often that you find poems like this, true to life and crafted with poise. U did well. tfs..loved it

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