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*being A Mother*

When the dark shadows over the moon swayed me
With the wind ripping through my hair willfully
The moon shined bright lighting throughout the whole sky
And I tredged my feet slowly to his house


Your innnocent
Spring overwelcomes you

Hands held high

The Illusion Of Life

The things you see
They can make you bare the questions of curiosity
They can swallow the purpose of fantasy
And overtake your consciousness of thoughts

*the Guardian In My Fiery Heart*

I did not know he existed
With his fair hair
And fine skin


In the eyes of your heart
There is passion
With the light kisses of roses,
You tame me

*all I See*

All I see is him, and her
Vivid, so vivid
And keen moments, keen and hasty...
I wish I never saw them

+a Thousand Tears Of Blue+

During that lonely sunny day
Where the skies fall down unto my tears
They both meet up with my saddened heart
Never will I fall into the dark that keeps hold of me

/the Letter Before My Soul Is Reborn/


Dear me,
Have you stopped lying?

@my Soul@

I am lost
Back into the woods of past lives
I am down within the oceanic crust
I am lost

! My Soul Protected!

There he is.
His pitch black eyes
Leading me into my doom
A forsaken black hole of love

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