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When the dark shadows over the moon swayed me
With the wind ripping through my hair willfully
The moon shined bright lighting throughout the whole sky
And I tredged my feet slowly to his house

Your innnocent
Spring overwelcomes you

Hands held high

The things you see
They can make you bare the questions of curiosity
They can swallow the purpose of fantasy
And overtake your consciousness of thoughts

I did not know he existed
With his fair hair
And fine skin


In the eyes of your heart
There is passion
With the light kisses of roses,
You tame me

All I see is him, and her
Vivid, so vivid
And keen moments, keen and hasty...
I wish I never saw them

During that lonely sunny day
Where the skies fall down unto my tears
They both meet up with my saddened heart
Never will I fall into the dark that keeps hold of me


Dear me,
Have you stopped lying?

I am lost
Back into the woods of past lives
I am down within the oceanic crust
I am lost

There he is.
His pitch black eyes
Leading me into my doom
A forsaken black hole of love

Love is
Skipping Beats of footsteps

I saw you
I was so conscious
I thought everything revolved around you
I liked you

Here am I...
Waiting for the man who will never be
Heart wanting him to love me

That night
You held me
That day
I was only yours

The game we play
I do not want to play or discuss
Nor do others of honesty characters
Yet, we find ourselves covering up the personal and perpetual corruptions of wanning insecurities

Dear my love,

I am not what you think
What do I have that you want?

The world that I see through my eyes
Is a unreal veiw that feels like a dream
In the raging night of a full moon
The reminesence of memories flow through me

You there, I can see you
Deadly in vain, but pierced with love
Closed within you are
While roses turn away to blossom

Can you break me by your own hands?
As I am silent, my heart does speak.
'I am titanium'

I do not remember the first time I heard your voice
And when you call my name
My heart stops
My mind runs through every second

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Poetry and words are and will always be my way out...not one word is nothing not one word is boring...all of my works are from my state of mind, or creativity, and of the heart. i will never write when not inspired and will never just write to fill words in a small space...i always write something that is meaningful even when no one understands them, if only one, then I have done my job. Then my dream of becoming a writer of books and poems comes closer into view...welcome everyone and i appreciate any time you give to read and comment on my works. gives me encouragement and critisism so maybe one day ill be a great writer^_^ laterz)

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*being A Mother*

When the dark shadows over the moon swayed me
With the wind ripping through my hair willfully
The moon shined bright lighting throughout the whole sky
And I tredged my feet slowly to his house
The house of where I knew it was him...
I could not regret what I have done
Neither could I be tough
My breathing escaped me scarcefully
As though I could not move
With my weak heart racing constantly
I had no idea what to do
But to go see him
Thoughts running through my mind scard me to te rim
Hands shaking
Body stood still
I held my stomach softly
My heart screamed his name
Tears dropped rapidly
All I could say was a whisper
'I need you...I need you now...'
He ran and ran till his arms could reach
I looked in his eyes
I turned my head
He held my face and smiled
'What's wrong love? '
'I'm pregnant, but theres one thing that worries me.'
'What my love? '
'Could I...really be a good mother. I know I would love this child, but really me'
'Don't worry you are, you will be.'
I could only get lost in his eyes as he smiled
It lighted my world and then...
He held my stomach with gracious tears coming down his cheek
And whispered,
'Little one, we will love you very much. We cannot wait to see you.'
I then stopped moving and stayed still
he stopped my tears with his hand and then reached up to kiss me
His soft lips layed on mine silently and we held hands
I then held my stomach wanted to protect this child with all of my might...

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You write with passion, and even though I know you're life is filled with heart break, you still are an amazing person and don't let anyone make you think otherwise. I am very proud to call you my good friend. Keep writing Kenya.

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