/the Letter Before My Soul Is Reborn/ Poem by kenya black

/the Letter Before My Soul Is Reborn/

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Dear me,
Have you stopped lying?
How are you really before this all happened?
When you found out your time is running short
What is out there in the world?
Can you see from sky to sky
Have you met the person of your dreams
How much do you really care about life?
Alot, or maybe just enough to get by...
Have you ever told the man you love your feelings?
Not yet, or yes...
Maybe he is just clueless
You still have time...
Time that is willingly and feircely flowing through your veins
But why..
Why have you forsaken life?
Why deos it feel as though it is passing before your eyes
Are you living for the moment?
You are still young
You still can do what you want
Sit on your deck
Read a book at sunset
Tell the man you love how you really feel
Kiss him...no...
Or to maybe just hold him in your arms
Don't tell him
Don'e tell anyone...about this...
They don't need to know your going to die soon...
Do you love yourself?
Yes, or maybe just enough to survive
Is respecting yourself at the top of your list?
No, and yes I do
Never forget to live for the moment
Never forget to keep going on as far as you can
And never ever....give up on your life

Sincerly, yourself

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