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I think about when you where here
And I remember when you were near
I used to wish you would never leave me
But now I clench my fists with what I see
Your pale body is cold to touch
And I regret that we didn’t do so much
I begin to cry as I accept this tragedy
And I try to hide the agony
I feel alone and empty inside
But I have to accept that you have died…


Melvina Germain 12 August 2006

Feelings of the young, so touching, so beautiful. Very well said, oh yes. Death, I know it is very difficult to accept. Taking our loved ones away, never to see them again in a new day. You know, all is not lost, we have their wonderful memories, no one can take them away. I just recently lost my husband, and I still feel his presence at times. I see his actions when I watch my children, I see his face when I look at my grandchild. I feel his warmth and his gentle touch. They never really leave us, we just can't see them, but their still with us. A sweet, sweet poem--Thankyou----Melvina

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That was a beautifullly sad poem. Death is painful, weather it be family or friend. I hope that things get better soon.

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Ernestine Northover 12 March 2006

Perfect flow and nice continuity. A nice story which links each line well, and is meaningful too. Love Ernestine XXX

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Sydne Morris 09 March 2006

Nice one! Death affects us all I am adding this to my favs See ya Sydne

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