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Tormented Love

my thoughts of you are never said
they are only spoken by me in my head
i think of you every day
i can never find the right words to say


The demons come to consume me
All around me as far as I can see
Relentless attacks weaken my soul
As the demons start to wear away holes


I think about when you where here
And I remember when you were near
I used to wish you would never leave me
But now I clench my fists with what I see


the tear of sorrow runs down my cheek
friendship is what I seek
I used to think I had it all
but now my backs against the wall

'A Tribute For My Friends'

Rebecca my girlfriend, what can i say?
i love the way you so joyfull and free!
your always there when i need a hug
Laura you always make me smile

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Hi im 18 years old and i havnt been on this website for a long time now, the poems here ar very sad but they all represent a chapter in my life, though sad i do not wish to forget

I am now the happiest person alive but i still get sad reading my own poems, dont feel bad for me if you do read them as said befor its all over now, but if you wish you can still leave a comment


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