Rating: 4.5

The demons come to consume me
All around me as far as I can see
Relentless attacks weaken my soul
As the demons start to wear away holes
The voices in my mind
They tell me they are kind
My mind begins to shatter
And my thoughts begin to scatter
My bones feel like led
I wish I was dead
But they torment me keeping me alive
Because they know I will never thrive
I wonder why they do it?


Neil Marsden 15 October 2008

Hi Adam, I can only agree wholeheartedly with the previous comments, great piece, tremendous depth and super control! Neil M.

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Alison Smith 23 November 2006

To defeat a deman... you must be the fighter... dont shake in the corner and lament crying 'why me'..... take up your trusty sword dear knight and take on the fight. ..... I like your work... words are a great friend

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Melvina Germain 12 August 2006

Absolutely fabulous piece, demons are definitely all around us for sure. Why they do it, simply because they can. Anyone can triumph over demons, by having a relationship with the master. The one and only king of all kings, the Father of Jesus, God himself. Read my poem 'Triumph of the only true king'. I believe you will find something of interest in this poem. Keep writing my friend, you are a very good poet and someday you will be a great poet. --------Melvina

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Vega Star 22 March 2006

I like it. Please keep up writing.

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