Bri Mar

'' Death Is Not Goodbye, It Is Just Farewell '' - Poem by Bri Mar

I've reached that point where I now know,
My life here is over it's my time to go,
By the principles of honesty I've tried to adhere,
Perhaps that's why I do not feel fear.

When I leave this life my journey will start,
So I don't feel down now it's time to depart,
I'll be heading for the joys of eternal life,
No more pain or the feelings of strife.

I'll feel sadness for those I will leave behind,
But we'll never be far from each others mind,
I'll be watching over them from up above,
that way I can shower them all with my love.

I'll leave them with memories they'll never forget,
By focusing on them there will be no regret,
Life will go on but they will be aware,
They will feel my presence they'll know I am there.

I'll be back again with my Mum and Dad,
With that in mind how could I feel sad,
From those earthly pressures I'll forever be free,
There is so much I'm looking forward to see,

Thousands of relatives and friends from the past,
Together forever this new life will last,
Scientists say it's a dream but dreams do come true,
My undying faith will carry me through.

They'll all be waiting for me to arrive,
With that welcome to come I know I will thrive,
I'll be safe in the knowledge this new life is forever,
Where all life is equal now that's really clever.

There'll be animals and plants and beautiful seas,
No fighting or hatred nor any disease,
A kingdom where we are all treated the same,
Equality for all no recognition of fame.

No religious conflict or issues of race,
Infinite happiness is what I now face,
A wonderful world with a happy accord,
If you trust in your God this will be your reward.

No more sadness just feelings of joy,
Where nothing can upset or ever annoy,
That life I once had I will no longer miss,
For the one I have now is perpetual bliss.

By teaching your loved ones you will meet again,
From grieving too much it will help them refrain,
By knowing you're around them their fears will dispel,

‘' Death Is Not Goodbye It Is Just Farewell ‘'

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Poem Submitted: Sunday, September 9, 2012

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