Stanley Collymore

Death: The Ultimate Enforcer Of Universal Equality! - Poem by Stanley Collymore

By Stanley Collymore

Death is an inescapable occurrence that actually
automatically begins the very second that we
unaided draw breath in this life rendered to
us on loan at our birth, and for what it's
worth there's entirely nothing, either
individually as a person or jointly
as a community or country that
can be successfully done to permanently forestall
it. Therefore, fully recognizing and accepting
that as a fact of life it's similarly wise then
to totally appreciate that neither sensibly
nor rationally is there any point at all
in worrying one's self overtly or
obsessively about the advent
or even the speculated on
consequences of Death.

For while it's obviously possible either through
fear of it, political beliefs, state decree as in
the case of the death penalty; murder or
manslaughter - whether deliberately
or unintentionally occasioned - or
even misguided vanity, through
the act of suicide usually, to
deliberately thwart Death's otherwise unrelenting,
premeditated and non-partisan march to one's
own determined oblivion from this earthly
life we're briefly loaned, and doing this
by taking, for example, direct control
of such actions as we believe to be
necessary into our own hands to
achieve our desired outcome;
there is however no obvious
realistically viable or any
durable different option
to what's manifestly
the inevitability of
Death; or for the
most part, most
of us after our
burial being
the natural
rations for

© Stanley V. Collymore
2 November 2016.

Author's remarks:
Raised, educated and avidly encouraged all of my life by those who from the outset of my existence have always genuinely mattered to me or would afterwards in the wake of such persons fill that role, and still do, never to fear death I took their ideas and logical solutions very seriously and constructively incorporated them into the very fabric of my life; for what they all of them encouragingly advised me to do and through principled examples practised on their part in their own lives weren't only rational and made absolute sense to me but also significantly shaped and helped to consolidate the fundamental characteristics that embody the person I most happily, and thankfully to them, became but essentially still am.

And looking back as objectively as any honest person can in relation to matters personally concerning myself and them, there are quite thankfully very few things in my life that were it possible to do so I would willingly change, for even those negative aspects I encountered in my life did trigger, as it happened, positive responses on my part that were, and still are, whenever, wherever or whatever manner they actually occur a source of beneficial influences on which I can consummately draw and fittingly carry on with my life.

So I'm much too productively busy and totally occupied with real life to even think of let alone embark on consciously wasting what to me is precious time engaging myself in rather pointless and for the most part the evidently puerile luxury so completely beloved of and obsessed with by others principally in the west and particularly so in the United Kingdom of to all intents and purposes non-productively spending my valuable time on matters of little or no substance or to be candid inevitable consequences like death that no one can realistically change.

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