Debunking The Corrosive Fiction Of Black Racial Inferiority Poem by Professor Dr. Stanley Collymore

Debunking The Corrosive Fiction Of Black Racial Inferiority

By Stanley Collymore

Crazy isn't it? How those with distinctly limited intelligence,
or none at all, who're commensurately, at best, endemically
dim-witted, dumbed-down educationally or more often,
as is the case, markedly and intellectually challenged.
Those who have no noticeable skills or redeeming
qualities about them and are the kind of persons
with no perceivable aptitude for anything or
any measurable capability to acquire any,
are usually the very same persons who
consistently and ludicrously talk of
and even constantly and incessantly boast about
the supposedly irrefutable notion -but to them
a definitive reality - of their alleged but quite
extremely foolish, inexcusable, pathetically
narcissistic and uncontrollably delusional
master race superiority - whether white,
Asian or Arabic, but never Black; and
forever stereotypically in relation to
their deeply ingrained, steadfastly
held and mechanical assumption
of Black inferiority. How thick
can one be in a self-evidently
clear-cut situation, which is
definitely both beyond all
discernment and equally
hasn't either a scintilla
of intelligence or any
real substance to it?

© Stanley V. Collymore
26 April 2019.

Author's Remarks:
It's a truism that for a significant number of individuals, groups, politicians, those who either own or are in charge of corporate entities of all kinds including the media, the military industrial complex, their expensively bought and routinely paid for military generals and other financial toadies and or satrapies, regimes of all political hues and even different and often conflicting purported religious organizations throughout the entire white-controlled and solely run western world that being biologically and racially Black is automatically and endemically perceived by all these innately, cretinously narcissistic, tediously arrogant and therefore not exceptionally intellectually challenged impudent oafs to be distinctly and, what's more, irreversibly - both genetically and in every other conceivable sense - markedly inferior to themselves.

However, as someone who is indisputably Black and categorically of Barbadian and Afro-Caribbean ancestry, although and irrefutably like all other Afro-Caribbeans I do individually carry in my genetic DNA the white male Caucasian Y Chromosome, which is a direct result of the systematic, prevalent, fervently encouraged, well-established, extensively unpunished and, of course, very brutalized rape during slavery and colonialism of our ancestral Afro-Caribbean girls and women by European men of all classes and nationalities, aided and freely abetted by the complicit support of their own white women who, while these same white male barbarians were happily engaging in this sadistic savagery of theirs against Black females were at the same time most ironically, ostentatiously, ludicrously and unconscionably placing these same white women unwarrantedly on phoney pedestals whose extolled positions they self-evidently didn't qualify for then and still don't in the 21st Century several centuries later - I'm all the same and for a number of multifaceted and concrete reasons exceedingly proudthat I am unquestionably Black.

So I shan't waste my time, energy, intellectual acumen or plain common sense attempting to rebut the nonsensical perceptions or the deeply-ingrained but fallacious arguments of insidious Black haters or invidious disparagers of any kind. And will simply say to such people: "Dream on! But preferably go and get yourself a life! "

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