Definitively Meghan Markle - So Either Like It Or Lump It! Poem by Professor Dr. Stanley Collymore

Definitively Meghan Markle - So Either Like It Or Lump It!

By Stanley Collymore

Meghan, you're beyond question the
epitome of everything that a highly
intelligent, modern, inspirational,
well-educated, naturally caring
but a no-nonsense, mentally
liberated, devoutly proud of
who and, noticeably, what
you are; and additionally
to all that, an obviously
proficient worldly-wise
21st Century woman
and quite fittingly so
as you ought to be.

A true and detectable lady by any
objective and rational definition:
and someone who, quite like
me, sensibly, dismissively,
thoroughly and plausibly
superior, with an innate
poise, suaveness and
the utmost dignity, rather dauntlessly
advises the cowardly, intellectually
challenged, rather compulsively
hereditarily fawning, markedly
lacking in every conceivable
bit of self-worth and utterly
fixatedly, class-disposed,
derogatory morons and
begrudging marital in-
laws, aptly aware in
unguarded fashion
that your name is:
Meghan Markle -

and to aptly counter this dim-witted
plebeian, Daily Mail, Express and
other purportedly M.S.M driven
toxic hassle will, accordingly
and most happily, rework
this notorious English phrase well
known to all of you in common,
I'm sure; that this particular
African-American lady is
most definitely as well
as permanently not
at all for turning!

(C)Stanley V. Collymore
25 May 2020.

Author's Remarks:
There is an old, touching and very true Barbadian saying, rehearsed several times to me during my formative upbringing but principally, and formally too, initially taught to me during the first years of my early childhood by my Maternal Grandmother with whom I've always fortunately and delightedly had an enthrallingly beautiful and an exceedingly close personal relationship. Fortunately, she too had a similar relationship with her own maternal grandmother. The principal difference being that while my Grandmother was born at a time during the British colonial system in Barbados, her very own dearly beloved, maternal grandmother was born into and distinctly during the infernally and barbarically enforced slavery, which was visibly and in numerous other deplorable and heinous ways throughout Barbados, the other Caribbean territories and the Americas characterized by the Transatlantic Slave Trade that first England and after the creation of the UK, Britain had a virtual monopoly of.

So I don't need any revisionist history books, that are rather dishonestly and intentionally so, risibly written by white, discernibly self-privileged and so-called historical academics and commentators to tell me what slavery was all about and the so-called beneficial results that it had for Africa's enslaved generations. For I know from my Maternal Grandmother - who was personally told first-hand by her own barbarically enslaved maternal grandmother, and as well from my other grandparents and others like them with similar experiences - Barbados has the greatest number of live and active centenarians nationally throughout the entire world - that the utterly grotesque then and still lingering in the 21st Century deleterious effects that Slavery and Colonialism have jointly had on my Black people and their mutual African ancestors is unquantifiable. And that indisputably includes Doria Ragland and Meghan Markle's as well as my own.

And to fittingly employ a truly caustic Barbadian put down here - as it was irrefutably Barbadian money, blood, sweat and tears, which financed the English Industrial Revolution (no United Kingdom then)and hugely transformed a backwater, perennially damp, cold and pathetically miserable off-shore European island (not a lot has changed since then I see)into the origin of the empire it subsequently organized and rather superciliously deluded itself, as it still does, that it actually ran - mentally liberated Black persons, whether myself or Meghan Markle, don't require your kiss-me-ass useless and totally meaningless titles patronizingly doled out by a nonagenarian old fart inseparably ensconced in her antiquated, unrealistic, fantasy and pathetically hopelessly out of touch Dark Ages bubble to illusionarily seek to confer on us what we already, and in manifest contrast from them, know that we genuinely are. Namely, decent human beings! so while you besotted sycophants do desperately need these baubles to in delusional terms confer on you some much needed self-worth that you assume you'll get from receiving them, the likes of Meghan Markle and me don't need or want them!

So instead of you lot constantly and idiotically baying that Meghan should be stripped of the baubles she clearly didn't ask for or duly want; why on earth don't the sick and utterly twisted collective coterie of you take them, and with our absolute blessing, happily and quite firmly shove them, instead, up that posterior area of your respective bodies where the sun never shines? And as a "royal" keepsake!

And finally that Barbadian saying which I promised you at the commencement of these remarks: "Only idiots, the gullible and the sick, bullying narcissistic cowards who manipulate them, like doing the same stupid and pointless things. Because they lack the imagination or intellect to do otherwise. That's why they're who they are! " Try working that one out for yourself, if you're actually capable of doing so!

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