Jonathan ROBIN

Freshman - 547 Points (22 September / London)

Decide Against Stereotypes - Poem by Jonathan ROBIN

Decisions take, nor hesitate nor bide
Excessive time awaiting from outside
Comprehensive answers coveted.
Independant mind must coincide
Directly with the will to win, not hide.
Existence is too short - life soon is fled.

Decades dovetail to centuries beside
Entrapped spectators, waiting on the side,
Challenge refusing, witless walking dead
In fear of fear, refusing to decide.
Dare! Few remain who answers seek inside
Earth's soul? Most stillborn seem brief hour sped!

Distrust that moment Fortune's tide
Entwines ambitious greed, feeds fears inside,
Cause, Effect confuses, Fate's fickle thread
Identified as true cue. Conformist thread
Dark homage pays 'authority'. Most slide,
Endure life's strife stings, by siren songs misled.

Dissipation seldom may provide
Exit gratifying, - seems as suicide
Counter-intuitive conformity, instead
Is chosen to 'gain time'. Disqualified,
Double-bind conformist blind would wed
Empty acceptation's altar, all trust fled.

Desires down-graded, dreams by self denied,
Elicit slight pity, sagacity short-supplied.
Care take avoiding firewall State hosted,
Internet providers' censorship decried
Deals stereotype behaviour blow wicked,
Expel ranks serried, round-hole pegs deride.

Dissatisfaction offers gloomy glide,
Expectations suffer, priorities collide.
Comfort zone, lost, counts cost, bewails with dread
Intensive pressures as horizons wide
Disintegrate, bemoans bad luck denied
Expressions of free will, dice loaded lead.

Dreams frequently minority divide
Essentially from crowd whose hands are tied.
Conspicuously by inaction. Look ahead!
Inner clarity, options authentified,
Draws upon convictions tested, tried.
Equity sifts sure leader from lure led.

Dare, dare not, often men from men divide
Ever as the masses, mystified,
Criss-cross zigzag, numb, dumb, scope gainsaid,
Initiatives restrained, fence sitting, cut and dried
Decisions drained, unblessed by wisdom wide.
Efforts, unrewarded, rot instead.

Deny temptations of soft ride,
Ease superficial, risks unquantified,
Choosing 'safe way', straight road comfort fed,
Ideals mediocre prove poor guide,
Deride free choice, autonomy, self pride,
Embrace conformity, exchanged for bread.

Division equals crime unjustified.
Equation lose/lose, efforts time denied,
Creates conditions delicate, contested.
Input focussed fairly, fortified,
Defies both wishful-thinking, unjust pride,
Excessive pseudo strength, defeated, ousted

Disqualify dud deals unjustified,
Emotions sapped, surfing life's watershed
Cutting communication, compassion shed.
Isolate self-censorship, convinced truth lied,
Drops principles, truth, trust, strips bona fide
Emancipation, high ideals stops dead.

Dimmed vim, responsibilities most chide,
Endure more than participate, they dread
Conscious freedom's fountainhead,
Innate birthright inhibiting beside
Doubts self born, stay torn, dare not provide
Emotional integrity board, bed.

Despise stop-gap solutions qualified
Everywhere as failsafe when, allied,
Complacency and status found in bed,
Incestuous are chosen for free ride,
Denigrating independence wide,
Endure more than participate, choice dread.

Deft deeds one needs, advancing from inside,
Excluding bias, crimes unrectified,
Challenge compromise, leave naught unsaid.
Identify the many ways your stride
Distinguished is from superficial slide
Each day by those behind, through putting self ahead!

Poet's Notes about The Poem

(5 October 2009)

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