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Do you believe
my gender
yeah, i am a girl
from the country

We cry
and try
then cry
and never try

O fair lady
where are you going
don't you know
it is going to be twelve

We witness
what happened to that girl
in delhi
and listen

have you ever wondered
what would be your condition
when you are proclaimed a witch
so terrible the experience may be

Is that what you think you are?
Superior! ?
because your skin is lighter?

you, the carrier
have you ever thought?
when you fly a bottle
on our soft innocent face

The world is charged with the grandeur of God
it will flame out, like shining from shook foil.,
it gathers to a greatness,
like the ooze of oil

I am astounded to see the deluge of people
surging out to support him
certainly corruption is not a part of their life
It has been imposed on them


My thoughts lay printed on sheets of paper.
stored in the drawer of my mind.
They are organised, neat,
nothing out of that place.

I knew our end was near
the day we shopped for rings
I thought we were forever dear
but you were not meant to be

so, you wrote
and then us

friends will come, and
friends will go.
the seasons change, and
it will show.

Whenever you fall down
or be frown
with your mates
and ignore their gates

my legs will be broken
never would be my dream
and let me clear, though a girl
i never let me slip on the cream.

When you are under
your sleep, and sweet dream,
at that moment,
do you know what is

Is knowing your

truely and precisely

Streams of Consciousness
Oh, But what does it all mean
Are we to fly in the face of the

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Survi sharma d/o-Aaditya Shekher Sharma senior branc manager, wily houstan company, Sweden. Ex iitian and a reputed alumini of IIT Bombay in 1977. My mother is the professor of NIT Warangal and Ex IITian from IIT Bombay. I have two brothers and I am the youngest. My Brother Raman sharma is posted in FACEBOOK in USA. He was the student of IIT Bombay having done his M.Tech in the year 2009. My second brother Aniket sharma has just done his from IIT Delhi in computer science and currently is in Australia with a software company. And me, the youngest, Survi sharma, is the student of IIT Kharagpur pursuing her carrier in mechanical engineering My rank in jee was 457. MY SCHOOLING 10th-Delhi public school, rk puram, delhi 98.9% 12th-Delhi public school, rk puram, delhi 97.3%. I am an NTSE and KVPY scholarship holder. Represented India in Asian Chemistry Olympiad held in Malaysia. I have been)

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On Killing A Girl

Do you believe
my gender
yeah, i am a girl
from the country
where child ratio is so low
we are killed
in the womb
just to get a son
so mean
do you believe it
we are so pathatic
i want justice
what government is doing
do you see them all
what is happening in delhi
who wonders?
i am from the land
where gandhi ji was born
i need non violence
so i am appealing
please stop this killing
you know this world lies on
the shoulder of girls.

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Anamika Jalan 06 August 2013

your poems are just out of the world, loved your each and every composition god bless you, doll

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Farah Ilyas 29 June 2013

I must have to say in praise of u , u r reformer & revolutionist r in yourself.. keep on sharing ur talent

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Ramesh Rai 28 June 2013

Survi's first entrance in my page was very strong 'as if i m knew for the site' since then she is always sending me reqst n me too waiting eagerly. i must not like to point her talent here bcoz she is not indignent of. but one thing i like to say' do not take poetry casually. be devoted n worship.make poetry your life partner. do not bother ir hanker for comment.wish u all the best n most welcome to one family of world poet.keep it up.may God bless you.

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Shahzia Batool 20 June 2013

7 strong poems of the talented observant girl mean a lot here, the readers are addressed very strongly, the social, moral and ethical issues are raised in these 7 strong poems, certainly, a better change is not impossible now! ! !

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survi sharma Popularity

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