The Truth Poem by Palitha Ranatunge

The Truth

Rating: 4.5

Having removed a cist of the brain
He lost half of his senses and memory
A part of the rupakaya(1) was removed
The relative part of the arupakaya(2)
has also gone,

I compare him to a machine
Oh! but poorly manufactured
Spare parts are hardly available,

Never feel a life is a misery
It's only a battle to be won
Never give up and accept the status quo
Never postpone matters until the next birth
There is no time to loose
Since there will be no such second chance,

Brito and Monika(3) due to their deep love
So negative to face reality
Fear of barriers in life
Jumped from the world's end
And died clasping their bloody hands
Hoping to get together in the next birth,

Thousands taken away by the sea waves
Why you have not been protected
If you were protected why this discrimination
From the others who killed in vain,
Probabilities and coincidences are there
Never misinterpret them as
God's power, Karma or fate,

In youth you may enjoy
While you live with matuarity
You must be happy and content
On what you gained in life
In the end you must go
Just as you came
Until then keep in mind
This machine should run.

(1&2 - Ruapakaya and Arupakaya - according to the Buddhist philosophy the human body is uniformed of two parts, the visible part and the invisible part. Rupakaya is the visible part and the Arupakaya is the invisibale part.)

(3- Monika and Brito - In early 1970' these two lovers committted suicide together by jumping in to the world's end, a deep canyon in Sri Lanka.)

Navod Dilhara 25 February 2016

Based on life. greatly composed with a wide vision..

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Manonton Dalan 03 January 2016

hehehhehe in my tribe number 1 means face and number 2 means love.

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Kumarmani Mahakul 03 January 2016

Very amazing poem shared on life. Wisely penned and shared really.10

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Palitha Ranatunge

Palitha Ranatunge

Gampaha, Sri Lanka
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