Depression Is A World Poem by Ferret Girl

Depression Is A World

Rating: 4.2

Depression is a world
Depression leaves you lost
Depression drops you into a never ending black hole
You want to get help
But you can't
When you do
You wish you didn't
Depression leaves you numb
With fear
Depression leaves you no hope
No ambition
Nothing to look forward to
Tears well in your eyes
Depression leaks out
Out into the open

Jay P. Narain 15 April 2006

Nice poem. I have encountered depression in my family. I have my full support for any one who suffers from such a problem. What you need is love, support and affection, and a little medication. Jay

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S S 22 July 2006

I liked your poem. You have described my world. I wish you all the best.

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Julie Hefferon 12 April 2007

Hey, I think this poem was written very well. Your really good at poetry.

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Anita Blake 15 April 2007

great work. i so know how you feel i've lived in the world of depression for over four years.

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Steve Coutee 10 November 2007

I am beginning to understand this enemy. Your poem is…

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Naila Rais 29 March 2018

I can understand your pain, I am struggling too.... Well penned.. I would like you read my poem In the mid of the night depression you are killing me... And Let me rise.... Naila 😃😃👍👍keep courage

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Purushothaman P 03 August 2015

Truly can connect thru every single word as u have expressed... just a little fine cleaning would do loads!

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Dannnielle Bratt 18 July 2009

You really know what you are talking about. I can feel the emothions as I read it. Keep up the great work.

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Angel Smith 05 December 2008

I really liked this poem, I can really put myself in the poem because i have felt like this many times, you seriously are a good writer=)

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Jenny O'Kane 25 October 2008

Hiiyaa.. dis poem is reallly good

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