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I search the world for answers
to the questions in my mind.
Although, it seems those answers
are the ones I'll never find.

In dark despair I call out.
I scream for help and light.
The source of deep depression
is something I must fight.

I try to ''keep my chin up''
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WKE Kamel 10 September 2005

Dear Mary here I write 2 u after reading some of your poems, simply lovely, if u want to know if ur poems make the reader feel something, well, DESPAIR did! ! ! , simply bec. It goes along completely with my mood, it is simply and beautifully written. Really lovely.

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Lylyanna Pilewski 11 August 2005

I love the way you rhyme! Rock on ryhmers. haha. Lylyanna

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Very nicely written, Mary. Poem flows easily and the rhyme and meter perfect to complement your message.

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Dear Mary, Your poem is very courageous and authentic I find it reassuring how you manage to portray on paper what everyone struggles with from time to time I will try to read your other poems Best wishes from Sydney Australia

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Nasra Al Adawi 11 March 2005

God is always by our side..sometime we want to give up but at last minute-He gives you a gift of hope... a new mircale to live and to look forward to another day

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Uriah Hamilton 24 February 2008

Faith in gentle beauty, the Jesus message. I always appreciate your honest heart on display, Uriah

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Becky Ginn 01 June 2006

Your poetry is so refreshing Mary. Reading your poetry brightens up my day. It is true.... where would we be without family. Keep those fingers striking that keyboard. All the best Love Becky

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Sandra Fowler 18 November 2005

You do nice work, Mary. I wish you well in all of your creative adventures! Sandra Fowler

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Lylyanna Pilewski 24 October 2005

very catchy! nice lightish poem with a deeper meaning. Lylyanna

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Gordon Whittaker 15 September 2005

Really enjoyed your true to life poetry, you certainly have a way with words. You really know how to express your feelings in verse................. WELL DONE. Thank you for your kind f/b. Gordon.

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