Mary Nagy

Rookie (11-08-1970)

Mary Nagy Poems

1. Happy Birthday Jerry! 1/3/2006
2. You Were Always There 2/20/2005
3. Thank You 2/20/2005
4. God Will Help Me 3/29/2005
5. Summer Vacation 2/25/2005
6. Thank-You Garden 2/25/2005
7. I'Ve Gone Back ~ Part 3 1/4/2007
8. I'Ve Gone Back ~ Part 4 1/4/2007
9. Wash Away My Doubt 1/5/2007
10. The Bulbs That Blind Them 1/5/2007
11. Tragically Mistaken 1/8/2007
12. I Need A Favor 1/8/2007
13. I'Ve Gone Back ~ Part 5 1/4/2007
14. I'Ve Gone Back ~ Part 2 1/4/2007
15. ''If You'Re Rich, I'M Single! '' 1/5/2007
16. If I Only Knew 2/24/2005
17. Unknown Angel 2/18/2005
18. The Ebay Auction 5/9/2005
19. Happy Father's Day Todd! ! 2/16/2005
20. Today She Got Her License! ! 3/7/2005
21. Your Message 2/25/2005
22. Our Children 2/20/2005
23. I Hope You Never Need A Stranger 1/5/2007
24. I Simply Have To Peek! 1/11/2007
25. Just One Can Make A Difference 1/11/2007
26. I'Ve Gone Back ~ Part 1 1/4/2007
27. Breaking The Silence 1/5/2007
28. Today Marks Your Re-Birth 9/18/2007
29. The Train Ride Ended But Love Never Stops 1/8/2007
30. Still Waiting........ 3/25/2005
31. My Friend Herbert 10/7/2005
32. Painful Reminder 2/18/2005
33. Normal 2/18/2005
34. Watching You Play Santa 11/5/2005
35. Time To Clean House ~ For Michael Shepherd 1/5/2007
36. I Seek Out Others 1/5/2007
37. Left For Dead 1/5/2007
38. Death Of A Childhood 9/10/2007
39. Our Bed 1/5/2007
40. Before We Loved 1/5/2007

Comments about Mary Nagy

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  • Mary Nagy (11/27/2018 8:43:00 PM)

    Hello! I’m from Michigan. My nationality is 50% Polish and 50% a mix of English/Irish/French! I hope you’ve found a poem or two that you’ve enjoyed! Thank you for reading my poetry!

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  • Skylar Watsons (10/29/2018 8:47:00 AM)

    does anyone know where is she from

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  • Jhudi (10/20/2018 9:46:00 PM)

    Does anyone know what her nationality is? Thank you!

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  • Lori Boulard (1/23/2006 8:18:00 AM)

    In lieu of commenting on every single one of your poems, I will just say it here: Mary, you are the unofficial documentor of everyday life's beauties here on PH, and I must say I've seen your work progress from sweet to downright excellent. Your comments on poems and the Forum add so much to the group; we are lucky to have you here! Sincerely, Lori

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  • Joseph Daly (12/30/2005 4:39:00 AM)

    Mary's works show an amazing intelligence in operation. Her ability to transcend the mundane (such as peeling eggs) and present the reader with something that potrays the untypical, is truely awesome. Mary came to this site with passable pieces, that maintained a skilled method. She quickly rummaged through other writer and saw that there was no need for conservatism and now writes some of the best free verse around.

    Her humility (especially on the Forum) is only matched by the respect that she has gained from her colleagues on PoemHunter.

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  • Uriah Hamilton (11/19/2005 7:38:00 PM)

    Mary, you write with honesty and kindness, you invite people to know you! You will never know how grateful I am to know you!

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  • Jackson Kilroy (10/10/2005 4:34:00 PM)

    I just read all of Mary's poems, and then read them again. Yep, they're still awesome.

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  • Faith Elizabeth Brigham (10/8/2005 8:50:00 AM)

    Mary-I have been reading your work as well and think you have such a great way with words. There is a lot of stuff out there parading as poetry that I haven't much praise for but your work is different. Your poetry is refreshingly unique and very well-written. You are a true poet!

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  • Angelique' Rockwell Angelique' Rockwell (9/15/2005 3:02:00 PM)

    i love 'when peots get bored', it is so true!

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Best Poem of Mary Nagy

Family Picture?

What is a family picture?
Is it all for real?
Are the people that you see
pretending they don't feel?

Can you see their anger?
Can you smell their fear?
Do you sense unhappiness
in the picture that's so clear?

We're trying to be perfect,
to look a certain way.
A family picture says so much
when there's nothing nice to say.

You plaster on the fake smile.
You put your arms 'just so'.
You show the world your family
without letting your family show.

Read the full of Family Picture?

Pop-Up Paranoia

Is it pop-up paranoia
or can they read my mind?
Each time I simply think something
on my screen I'm sure to find.

I wonder how they know it.
Am I sending out some ~waves~?
Can I try to stop the pop-ups?
It seems nothing really saves.

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