A Family Divided Poem by Mary Nagy

A Family Divided

Once more we talk about it.
How sad it's all become.
No matter how we look at it
this family is not one.

They say it shouldn't matter.
Who needs them after all?
But, please explain the pain I feel
even though I've got it all.

I see my pain and emptiness
like a hollowed out old tree...
It may seem to be standing tall
but, it's empty just like me.

There's such a contradiction
to my entire life.
I'm happy and fulfilled
being a mother and a wife.

What about 'a sister'
and 'a daughter'...how about that?
These are roles I was born to play.
Why can't I? Tell me that.

A family divided
that's what we've grown to be.
I've got mine and you've got yours
but we have no family tree.

Abdul Sattar 25 December 2005

The family division is a natural phenomina. And it must occur to balence the things. Mary Nagy has exposed the realities that should be accepted. The poem is good and easy to understand. Thanks Mary Nagy for sharing your poetry.

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Cantrell Dicky 17 January 2006

What do we have if not each other A family is so wonderful because you are loved there no matter what No matter what By the way i liked this poem Dicky Cantrell

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Duncan Wyllie 05 March 2006

Dear Mary, verse three is my favourite, really heartfelt and very clever work.love Duncan

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Anjana Aravind 19 August 2005

Mary you know how to touch hearts...... This poem is very touching. Excellent

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kenneth william snow 03 May 2005

This is marvelous Mary...an oasis in a desert of deceit. Keep up the good work. kenneth

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Jasbir Chatterjee 30 March 2016

Division of families is inevitable when siblings don't get along; certain things can't be helped, really. It's just a matter of things taking their own natural course, like so many other things...

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Frank V. Gardner 07 October 2009

Mary, I have been away for about three years with some health issues and family matters. Before I left, you had written several comments on my poems, but I had not the time or inclination to corespond with you then. Now I find you are out of touch. I like your poem, A Family Divided, very much. You tell a good story, with valid feelings and a worthy mressage. Your rythmic meter, style, and rhyming patterns are akin to what I use. I so looked forward to communicating with you on return to these boards. But now you're gone. But I'll keep looking for you. Meanwhile, I'll take the time to read your wonderfu porms that I overlooked before, all two hundred and some. Frank Gardner

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Ron Flowers 28 May 2008

Mary, this is a wonderful poem. You state your feelings so well. I hpe those for who it was intended appreciate as I do.

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David Taylor 16 November 2007

Dear Mary, the first poem of yours I have read, and it is a stunner. Great write Love from David

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Brian Dorn 11 October 2006

Wow, Mary... this is a great poem. The ending exclamated the point brilliantly. Brian

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