Destined To Be Lovers But, Alas, Never True Friends! (Poem) Poem by Professor Dr. Stanley Collymore

Destined To Be Lovers But, Alas, Never True Friends! (Poem)

By Stanley Collymore

We met for the very first time, as I'm absolutely sure you well
remember, not by design but, as it clearly happened, pure
coincidence my dear! But even so, and from the very
outset of our personal encounter, the evidently
striking and unmistakably physically-inspired chemistry
instinctively generated between the two of us wasn't
only astoundingly enhancing but equally as well
most naturally and delightfully enlivening
in its completely unrehearsed origin. A
fortuitously conceived situation that,
in effect, amply enabled this over -
whelming physical chemistry that had
spontaneously developed between
the two of us to fittingly augur
in the welcoming prospect
of a particularly torrid
and urgently longed
for sexual liaison.

That in its assembling became so patently obvious
that only a complete and unworldly fool, or
maybe someone who was entirely blind
or otherwise consisted of being a
wholly unresponsive, non-perceptive, or even
a markedly non-empathetic person could
excusably be expected to realistically
fail to grasp and consequently not
appropriately understand what
intuitively and discernibly
consensually, was both
physically in every
sense and clearly
emotionally at
that precise moment
in time happening
between you
and me.

So in the arranged circumstances in which we now
found ourselves it rather understandably, most
obviously, predictably, quite pragmatically
and deprived of fuss, truly fittingly and
understandably for of us - in what
doubtlessly had acceleratedly
in the process of all this
desirable expectation,
anticipatorily set the stage for the full achievement
of what unhesitatingly was to become an intense
and unmissable liaison - had essentially and
noticeably irresistibly become a forceful
catalyst of its own, valuably ensuring
that nothing would be allowed on
the part of either of us to either
deter or in any way interfere
with what we were both
consciously, eagerly
and pleasurably

But for all of the enthusiasm which we'd jointly and
mutually drawn on in the active furtherance of our
sexual liaison, I frankly don't recall you ever
expressing any reservations about what we
were consensually doing or, come to that,
made known an implied point of view,
far less so a decisive wish for our existing relationship
to significantly reform, develop correspondingly,
and accordingly expand into something the
complete opposite of what it already was:
a distinctly categorical fusion of carnal
escapism explicitly bound up in an
ongoing and a most favourably
disposed to sexual tryst that itself was freely
and excitedly engaged in without any
avowed promises of commitment,
one way or the other, by either
or both of us, its enthusiastic
and willing participants.

And this despite the numerous opportunities that
we both individually as well as jointly had to
unambiguously make well-known to each
other, if we had any such objectives in
mind, our resolutely changed desire
for a more practical and profound
adult exhibition concerning the secretive alliance
between the two of us. One that which openly,
honestly and quite obviously did mutually
and beneficially extend a convincingly
productive methodology to our own
behaviour, in order to incorporate
a more profound appreciation of
us as worthwhile human beings.

This, together with a marked alteration in its
accurate evaluation of us as exceptionally
distinctive personalities and not seen or
regarded basically as objects for our
common sexual gratification. And
with that significantly and also
foremost in mind decisively
survey the valid prospect
of a clear alternative to
what we were doing.

However, realistically there was little chance of
that ever happening or the likely prospect of
convincingly getting you to change your
mind, since clearly it wasn't what you
wanted then or conceivably wished
for at any other point in time. So it wasn't hard for
me to detect your thinking as intuitively I knew
that much previously. For although words, as
such, were never exercised to realistically
express your reserved feelings on this
epicurean alliance which we were
indulging in, your inescapably
decipherable body language
was nevertheless on its
own quite revealing.

And consequently in its diagnostic summation was
a logical indication that personal commitment
by you wasn't something which you were
either looking for, much less so keenly
disposed to generously giving. And
therefore, if our ongoing and libertine relationship
wasn't in these threatened new circumstances
to come to a conclusively abrupt end, the
only genuine option going for us was
to appreciatively carry as the avid
the lovers we clearly were and
in this accessibly expedient
approach securely discard
all inauspicious notions
of us ever wishing to
be or convincingly
becoming friends.

© Stanley V. Collymore
27 September 2017.

Author's Remarks:
Of all the diverse expectations and indeed, if one is to be perfectly honest about it, accumulative experiences that us human beings regularly, more often than not routinely, sometimes pleasurably, invariably expectantly and, at times, even controversially engage in sex is doubtlessly among the foremost of these in our general consciousness; and while the reasons for this are multiple and even sometimes contradictory in nature there's no genuinely effective or permanent means of getting away from this omnipresent phenomenon in our individual life.

And while significant numbers of you may, at times, seek to convince and even manage to delude yourselves that sex is for you essentially, and for all of its apparent popularity, merely an ephemeral part of your own and even that of mankind's wider human existence, none the less as a culturally sophisticated person whose thoughts and physical actions leave you with no other option but to properly and beneficially channel these corporeal impulses into more constructive things, as such sex: either jointly with someone or discretionarily on your own, is ultimately a recreation that you can well do without.

My straightforward and unambiguous answer to that one is: Dream on! For common sense generously coupled with loads of practical experience have categorically taught me that the more fervent and outspoken against sex such critics are the greater are their unrequited and carnal demons within.

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