Ace Of Black Hearts
Homa Lousiana
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Destroying The Castle At The End Of The World

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The road to hell is paved with dirt.
Haven't you heard.
A sight to see.
A thing to miss.
Yes here on earth.
In both song and verse.
Bringing out the very best and very worse.
How wonderful is this curse.
One where you know where it might lead.
But still your able to freely go.
No ball and chain.
No push or being lead at gun point.
The choice has always been your own.
The spark in the demon eyes.
He will lead the way, with promises of everything thing golden.
Beholden to no one.
A dance of mystery.
No master plan of some ultimate evil.
No, no, nothing so skewed.
People as normal me and you.
Not a cult with human sacrifices.
But lives full of compromise.
The price we pay every day.
For who we are.
A trade so minute, one barely notices if it's gone.
But one by one it's starts adding up.
The sum of your life put in a shipping box and label put on it.
Express delivery please.
I want all my memories, something to tide me over for all enternity.
One can hope it's there and waiting.
For the death of this desert rose.
Not enough water I guess, dried up, either away, then it's just gone.
Becoming the dust in the wind.
Blown and carried away.
Finally reaching that desperate place.
A tortured soul imprisoned by his own demons.
What if I told you with my memories I will be leaving.
Just a weigh station for some.
Who got bigger plans for the great beyond.
The sky is not the limit, death is not the end.
No it just the beginning.
Atleast for me, my soul will never stop or get stuck.
It was never meant to be caged up.
No amount of twisting or bending could get it to stay.
My light is too bright to be held in the darkness for very long.
Storms come and go.
But it is a mountain and will overcome.
Thy purpose will be done.
The last sounds you will hear are waves crashing down as the castle crumbles.
His kingdom is not mine.
But I do understand it will be a fight.
I don't expect it to be easy.
But even without gods grace, I've felt divinity in all it's stages.
And I won't let anyone suffer in a prison of there own making.
I will tear down every illusion every lie, till we can all see the starry night sky.
I'll be the hero no one has heard of.
Even if it's tears my soul apart.
A scarifice for the good of all man kind.
That is my persona, so please remember me when I'm gone.
Life is very short, it won't be too long.

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