Disbelief To Debate Its Reality Poem by Lawrence S. Pertillar

Disbelief To Debate Its Reality

Eyes by now,
Should be wider to open.
To not miss and clearly see.
Who in a position of leadership,
Has their main focus...
Kept upon the economy.
With this done to do with priority.
As humanity suffers World wide.
From a devastating disease.
Spreading to effectively,
Leaving death to not delude.
Or fantasize to disbelieve.

These days should be eye opening.
Emotionally affecting.
Deep with a depth of empathy to give.
And yet...
There continues to be,
An ineptness of leadership expressed.
Those who expect respect from them,
Are beginning to realize,
What many have been acknowledging...
With voices raised to hear heard known.
That leaders they have elected and picked,
To sit in positions...
Accomplishing the interests and wishes,
Of their constituents.
Are disappointingly devoting their loyalties,
To someone tragically attached to an ego.

This to question with shock and horror,
On a daily basis to do.
As years have passed to witness this last.
No one should by now,
Continue to debate...
Their disbelief as if to validate,
The reality of it.

"Where are they going?
Don't they realize how serious,
These times we live? "

They claim to be aware of it.
Seem unable to stop debating,
With evidence that validates...
How serious they should take,
What they have come to face...
With appropriate impressions to make.
That leaves few people offended,
To cause unending arguments.-

"All of our lives,
Have been threatened.
By a pandemic.
It is neither democratic,
Liberal, conservative.
Or indecisively independent."

-That debated,
Has been going on for years.
Although these past few months,
There seems to be some progress made.-

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