Do Not Weep For Me Poem by Colin Ian Jeffery

Do Not Weep For Me

Rating: 4.2

Do not weep me
Grieving over my fall from grace
For he forgave me
And I outpaced the echoes
Of each demon's stalking stride.

Once upon a time
I shared bread he broke
And sipped wine he blessed.

Saturday, May 31, 2008
Topic(s) of this poem: faith,jesus
Kim Barney 27 December 2014

I really like this one. Very heart-felt.

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Patricia Grantham 22 November 2014

A very sweet and gentle write. The meaning is so sacred and meaningful. Touching.

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Rajnish Manga 16 November 2014

The poem reflects the true communion of a restless soul with the Almighty. The words are power-packed. Beautiful poem. Liked it.

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Sally Plumb Plumb 06 October 2014

The reading is not your exact words. Robot controlled. Good piece.

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Why Should i Live 28 January 2009

very well written, great piece.

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Esselebor Ebhojie 29 November 2021

Quite a riddle of salvation..wit and skill

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Debby Bka Sassy Pizzo 27 February 2019

So much expressed in so few words - a very powerful write. It succinctly expresses what Judas must have felt.

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Mountain Man 01 June 2018

A good poem here. Well written.

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Luz Hanaii 01 May 2018

This must be what Judas said. Well written.

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alan brown 17 April 2018

Jesus came to earth to help us all we should all drink his wine and eat his bread Colin.thank you Alan

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Colin Ian Jeffery

Colin Ian Jeffery

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