Two Mothers Poem by Colin Ian Jeffery

Two Mothers

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Israeli and Palestine conflict

Prostrate with grief
Rachel weeps for a dead son
Killed by a suicide bomber.

Prostrate with grief
Sarah weeps for a dead son - -the suicide bomber
Who believed blood would set his people free.

Blood begets blood
Reprisal follows reprisal.
But there is no honour in death
Only tears of mothers for dead children.

James B. Earley 20 July 2008

Another casualty of Man's inhumanity to Man! Can harmony be so difficult? Excellent composition.

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Rema Prasanna 18 July 2008

Conflicts of neighboring counrties lead to bloodshed and arrogant reprisals.. it continues.. your concern is beyond words.. expessed very well. share this thought for a cause..10+ Rema

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Ramesh T A 18 July 2008

Conflicts cannot console loss of lives! Only love and unity can!

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Amber Lamb 18 July 2008

can't even come up with a worthy comment. Anyone who loses a child falls to the ground with their tears. Thanks for this one.

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Raja Basu 27 September 2008

Wowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww. It is a classic. Sir, you are a pride of the poet ftaternity of the world.

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Ethan Moyer 27 September 2008

Intense. really painful. It really works because most of everyone would agree to stop to such viloent war ate somethng like this. really good.

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Reetessh Sabrr 26 August 2008

Yet again...the resonance of a prayer i could hear in your words!

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Frank Cannon 30 July 2008

The best sauces are made through a process of reduction and I think the best poems also. You have defined the futility of a seemingly intractable conflict wonderfully.

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Jyoti Saxena 22 July 2008

if only this world could share your emotions -we would not have to search for heaven elsewhere-u are an artist colin and can achieve to paint a beautiful world with your words - all the best

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