Dark Caverns Poem by Colin Ian Jeffery

Dark Caverns

Rating: 4.7

Within dark caverns of the mind
Fearsome creatures abide
Demons tempting with praise and bribes
Offering false hope from Hell's fires.

Do not falter nor let the spirit weaken
When walking twisting tunnels
Terrifying dark labyrinth
Fearful of hearing Satan's step.

Sunday, November 2, 2008
Topic(s) of this poem: faith,terror
Ken E Hall 10 November 2008

Hi Colin -you spread the word that evil lurks in Dark Caverns I thank you for a great write and I never did trust that devil and if I hear in in my brain I will tell him to get lost! regards Ken e

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Eugene Pappan 09 November 2008

Very Impressive, ..With every line I was drawn in to read more. good work.

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Naru Kaede 09 November 2008

Feels like I played Devil May Cry, against demon and evil... And like I read The Lord Of The Rings... It's full of neverending imagination... Coooolll... well done...! ! ! Naruezt Kaede, ,

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Chantelle Nixon 07 November 2008

I appreciate your use of imagery. Very impressive!

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Jessel Jane Tevar Toring 06 November 2008

clear imagery...perfect picture of inner fear...

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Libbie Jones 09 December 2008

I like this poem it shows strength and passion

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Goran Gustafsson 08 December 2008

In a few words you capture what's in store for the hero of the myths when he begins his life's quest.

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Arwen Lee CW 14 November 2008

We shall never fear of darkness for there's a light beam in our heart If the we're meant to take the trial It's time to see how strong we are.....

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Billy Joe Collins 13 November 2008

i like this one it reminds thanks for sharing

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Dean Nordy 12 November 2008

Vivid imagery painted on canvas of tranquility...........triumph against dark evils...spelled out like hundreds mazes.............need a peace of mind to crack the meaning beneath the caverns of mind.Excellent writes my buddy Colin.I'll read more of your powerful poetry soon.Keep up the good work! ! your new buddy, Dean Nordy, US of A.

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