Colin Ian Jeffery Poem by Colin Ian Jeffery

Colin Ian Jeffery

Rating: 4.8

I would die a poet
Pilgrim from a burnished land
Remembered for humour, compassion and love
Claimed by many as a friend.

Let those who shared His bread
Drink also from His chalice
Seeing God's truth
Knowing joy of salvation.

In childhood
A voice called to me
I hear it calling still.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008
Topic(s) of this poem: death,poet
Little Morning Star 30 November 2008

nice work.. death is a beautiful thing if we die peacefully..

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Vicky Iliaens 02 September 2017

This one gives a very peacefull feeling to be honest, also its simplicity is in fact the art here, short but not too short and with just that amount of emotions that we need to get, like it :)

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Joe M.-M. 17 September 2008

I really love when you write like this right here, whatever you do, don't lose this! Beautiful, nothing more.

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Anjali Sinha 19 September 2008

'My world rests upon the belief of a loving God. ' Ian, I share this with you. I see this in all your poems. Therefore, I love to read you. +10 as always regards anjali

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Robert Quilter 25 September 2008

i tend to disagree with an earlier comment that said this piece was 'very deep'.It's a pretty straightforward and appealing 'message', and after reading Colin's bio, it puts it into some context.As someone struggerling with their own spiritualism, i was touched by the simpleness and clarity of the last three lines.Altruism is my own personal path toward a higher being(whatever he/she may be) and i have a feeling i might learn a few things, if i continue to read Colin's words.

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Sylvia Frances Chan 03 August 2021

In childhood A voice called to me I hear it calling still.Colin Ian Jeffery! Most beautiful! 5 Stars full. God's Blessings in Abundance, Colin Ian

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A B Faniki 09 August 2019

Fun read and prophetic. A combination worth thousand picture. Thanks for sharing

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Shelly Kiran 16 June 2018

The poet made me speechless! Faith with which he welcomes death, is unmatchable.

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Luz Hanaii 01 May 2018

The voice of the Shepherd as many of us hear. Thank you for this gem.

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Rajendra Rout 14 December 2017

Lovely poem shairing.i enjoy your poem......10++++++++for it

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