Do You Know? Poem by Tracey Owens

Do You Know?

Rating: 4.9

Do you know your the only person
that I want to be with.

Do you know my thoughts are only about you,
I can't seem to get you out of my head.

Do you know your the only person that
can make me laugh even when I
don't want to.

Do you know your the only one that
puts a smile on my face when I am
down and upset.

Do you know that I am only happy
when I am with you.

Do you know I am only me when
I am around you.

Do you know your the only person
that I love.

Knowing this I am worried that
I will be rejected by you.

My heart would break if you
can't see to love me.

Do you know how I feel?

Miranda Van Yperen 15 July 2009

powerful, understanding words... good work :)

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Stephen Szachnitowski 14 July 2009

I really feel this poem states the way i feel about my g/f way better then any words i could think of... another amazeing poem i've read that you've written. lol keep it up!

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friend.. this is good.. i like the fact that you didn't put the question marks. mad e it awesome

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Dana Amer 07 July 2009

Nicely written, although its painfull, nice job

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