! ! ! Does Black Ink Ever Turn Grey? Poem by Nkululeko Mdudu

! ! ! Does Black Ink Ever Turn Grey?

Rating: 3.1

When this head
of black strings turns grey
When this spring
September turns to chilly May

When all you enjoyed
becomes dull and boring
When the only noise
you make is when you're snoring

When your facial hair
starts to fall off
When few call you Bru.
and plenty call you prof.

When none at all
call you on the phone
Except your doctor
with his clinical tone

When your children, if any;
prefer to leave you all alone
Because they say
your stories are old
Except when they
are left out in the cold

By bosses or boyfriends
or girls who didn't care
When you are good for tough times,
it's not fair!

When times are good
they are tough on you
It's as if when you speak
the bird on the clock goes: 'Cuckoo'

When all you've got
are the good old days
When all they see
are your strange old ways

When time has
stolen your youth
And all you can tell
is the cold hard truth
When you can appreciate
every moment in time
Then you might want
to re-visit this rhyme.

Thursday, July 31, 2008
Topic(s) of this poem: aging
Khanyisile Cele 06 August 2008

This is a nice poem it reminds us that time is too precious to waste and what ever you do yuo mustn't look back and regret.

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Alancia Lebogang Mogorosi 07 August 2008

a lovely poem to read, well structure love it

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Alf Hutchison 24 March 2009

Nkululeko for a nineteen year old you have great forevision.. I hope you read it again when you are my age 65. A good read, and black ink does turn grey believe me. how about reading my Zimbabwean drums?

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Israh Sadan 31 July 2008

This is such a cool poem. Also often wonder where time and friends went. And realise that i'm far more content with my own company anyways :)

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Ntsako Manhisa 04 July 2018

i'm pretty sure i will Re-visting this rhyme but that's if i will still be able to remember. Nice poem

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Nkululeko Mdudu 30 April 2019

thank you for your words of encouragement

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Ashraful Musaddeq 02 June 2009

Luminous thoughts provoking poem.10+++

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Bob Blackwell 25 May 2009

Barry's right this is a brilliant poem. My red hair is grey and I guess I enjoy every moment as it comes along, so I am glad I qualify to return and read this poem. But I have cheated, I enjoyed it so much I have taken a copy to read at leisure. Age is unimportant, we can only live moment as it comes along. Bob 10+++

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Lindo Mvelase 19 April 2009

yoh! man what a brilliant poem, your mind is so increbible. I wish I could meet more people of your kind.

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Keegan Coutriers 26 March 2009

Hi there, certainly does compliment my piece. Have to agree with Alf, u certainly have the talent for a 19 year old, i'd love to read what u write after you've experienced a bit more of life's ups & downs. The end product is always better, so keep maturing with regards to your writing.

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