Don'T Forgive Them They Know Exactly What They Do Poem by jerry hughes

jerry hughes

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Don'T Forgive Them They Know Exactly What They Do

They sit in board rooms, or is it bored rooms?
Planning wasteful obsolescence for a consumer
driven global market.

In another, insurgencies in the name of democracy.
Postulating to people who've survived for a thousand
years how wrong they've always been.

They'll tell you god is good and in him they trust, as they
manipulate poorer nation's economies until they're wholly
dependent on loans for survival.

They'll never admit to being hypocrites and liars
who hold a bible in one hand, a gun in the other.

Who are these people? Look over your shoulder,
there's one right behind you.

Lauren Watkins 20 October 2007

I love this! I'd start ranting about the election and how we finally get a chance to get Howard out, but Im not sure there's a better alternative out there at the moment (not that Howard's at all good, just that the rest are just as bad) . Maybe one day people will see not everything is about the profit margin, life is worth more.

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Melissa Coventry 13 October 2007

Ahhh so im not alone on this one! ! ! There is hope... One feels like hiding under the bed at the crazy way our lives are being driven by these souless, gutless and money hungry companies... Affluenza in our lives at its best.. and the ones who suffer the most at the grip of these companies, are the ones that do depend on loans, or borrowing money from family just to get by.. they drag everyone around them down... Only when we step back and observe do we see the root of the problem, where to lay the blame.. but we can't do anything.. except not to buy into it or forgive.. Fabulous write and enjoyed greatly.. perfect starter to get one ranting into the sunset, Take care, Mel xx

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Alison Cassidy 05 May 2007

A strongly penned expression of rage against two of your favourite subjects - injustice and religion. I know I always preach tolerance, but even I must agree that some folk are very difficult to forgive. Thought-provoking piece. love, Allie xxxx

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Rajaram Ramachandran 05 May 2007

Jesus said, 'Father, forgive them, they know not what they do.' But Jesus only can pardon such criminals. The law will take its own snail-pace course ro punish such people.

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Chad Fisher 05 May 2007

They also forget that Jesus said that it is better to pray in secret than to stand on the temple saying 'Lord, Lord, Lord.' They are what Jesus referred to as Pharasees. Look it up! All the while, yet, as hard as it is, Jesus said 'Judge not, lest ye be judged.' And God said 'Vengence is mine', so technically we could be just as bad as they are.

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jerry hughes

a citizen of the world
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