After The First Death* Poem by jerry hughes

After The First Death*

Amidst the rubble and confusion
a child's hand clutching a toy.

Near by

The hand's arm twisted grotesquely
around a dead young woman.

Was it the hand's mother
to which the infant body clung?

Sans hands, sans eyes, sans-

You did your job smart bomb but,
after the first death there is no other.

(In memoriam the children of Gaza/* Grateful thanks to Dylan Thomas)

Nimal Dunuhinga 25 August 2007

Thank you Jerry you remind us of the Evils & Human beings as same as the cruel War?

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Elle Thomas 15 October 2007

quite moving, this is a very good poem jerry. it says such sad things. thank you for it.

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unknown Viper 31 December 2007

this reminds me of the little girl wearing a colored dress of the movie ' schindler's list'. it is so sad... good poem...thanks

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Amie-Lee ...... 11 February 2008

I really like this poem. Keep the pen to paper.

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~A Little Blue Bird~ 27 April 2008

I sure miss my friend who went to Iraq...I just hope he is all right. Stirring poem, good job

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Sally Plumb Plumb 27 April 2015

Touching piece of work.Gaza took such a terrible assault we can all understand where you're coming from.

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Heather Wilkins 30 July 2013

wars and rumors of war should never happen. the innocent are the losers. good write

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Mandi June 09 April 2013

Hauntingly stirring, Mr. Hughes. Words to provoke confusion and revenge, yet calm our inner anger... How unfortunate that violence forces these memories upon us.

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Prashant Shaurya 06 January 2010

sir your poem shook me from within.. and could not stop myself from hailing curses on these perpetrators of this ghastly crime... 10+++ certainly.. regards prashant

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C. P. Sharma 24 July 2009

Cruelity creamates the body but not the soul. Written in great synpathy for the innocent deaths. CP

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