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Don'T Shoot The Messenger - Poem by Ace Of Black Hearts

An expressed view hits me in the middle of the night.
And some of them have more then just a tiny over bite.
Too ugly to wear.
Too ugly to share.
Many times truth takes this form.
Graphic images with warning signs beware.
In the darkness upon our midnight dreams what is it we see?
I am insomniac who can't sleep because of the knowledge of what is going on across world.
I must spread the truth I keep telling myself.
Do right by my fellow man.
But the question how far should one go?
Why do so many need somebody to hold there hand?
Scared of what change might mean for them.
Scared of the unpredictable future.
Scared of the escalating volatility across the globe.
Fear should never dictate ones judgement.
We have allowed it and made too many compromise because of it.
In the interest of your security but who security is that really?
I keep hearing that tune in one form or another.
Fear mongering beyond any realistic proportions.
I know what your thinking isn't that what you do?
NO! ! ! I don't want anyone to be afraid.
I want them to be informed and prepared.
We live in turbulent times and I don't see a peaceful resolution any time soon.
The corruption of our very sociology has occurred.
Where you are damned if you do and you don't.
Where speaking out could condemn you for the rest of your life.
Where not speaking out could enslave for the rest of your life.
The catch 22 of this century will revolve around our speech.
Where social media is bringing chaos to order in the control of the people.
Where news media is bringing order to the chaos in the hands of governments.
When bad light is shined and it becomes a call for one to be arrested on the grounds of treason.
When due process and all other rights upon being arrested are removed from ones own citizens.
The information war, the libertarian war.
It is a war that now is being waged in many forms.
But the worst is where governments are committing human right violations under a term called terrorism.
A vague cover all term, that is so non specific that if you are suspected of anti-government acts you could just disappear to some secret prison never to be heard from again.
Or thrown psyc ward and forever declared to be insane.
A corrupt capitalistic dictatorship where the banks, and corporation control all politician with money legally changing hands.
Rigged election where you think you have choice.
But party lines are the same.
Where greed is the motivation not the people, not the society as whole.
No consideration for what their children might have to endure.
Running up the tab on a national debt, with disregard for the possibility that it might collapse the very us currency.
I don't know what all the solution are but I want to see honest politicians.
If you actually care about your family you must do right by them if no one else.
This could destroy our whole society in years to come if someone doesn't put a stop to it.
So just step up, be a man, do what's right and decide policy for us again.

Sincerely, Ace Of Black Hearts

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