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Don'T Touch

Rating: 5.0

Don't touch me...
I cannot bear you touch me there.
My heart's in shambles, no longer there.
I've hidden away my deepest spring for fear
you'll drink me dry.
I am no longer yours.
Clipped tongues and broken wings will take us nowhere.
An intimate battle of love gone wrong, we fight till the death.
There cannot be a winner here for neither will give in.
I want out... my skin crawls at the thought that

you will be near me yet again.
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James B. Earley 13 July 2008

A passionate writ of yesterday's angst, and longing. I'd love to read today's poem!

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Michelle Soares 05 September 2005

Poetry to me is supposed to be therapeutic, above all things. Above being beatifully written it should be heartfelt. And in my heart I felt this and it was beautifully written. Thank you.

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Willem VanVoorthuysen 17 August 2005

Dear Moriah, Technically speaking, your poem definitely has its merits. However, it tells me that you may be trying to achieve two things at once: gaining recognition as a poet, as well as finding help for a personal problem. Take this grandfather's advice and get that qualified help first, from a trustworthy counselor. Then edit or rewrite your poem in accordance with what you have learned. Ask yourself how an impartial reader would respond to it, and keep that in mind as you continue writing. Please don't write 'raw' poetry for mere self-indulgence or revenge. Wouldn't that be 'Abuse of The Muse'.? Peace and succes, Willem VanVoorthuysen

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Gillian.E. Shaw 28 June 2005

Yes, somehow I can identify with your wonderful verse. Well done!

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