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Each morning is another death. I die with the
opening of my eyes. Only in my dreams awaken
to fight the truth of my existence. I chose
this bed and now I lay within, unmoving,
un-resistant. There is no life for me right
now, until sleep paralyzes my reality. I bide
my time and pound the lid of this prison that
entombs me. Life demands no less of me than
what's been asked of it. I pay a debt to
fate I cannot hide from. No insanity plea can

vindicate me of life NOT lived to it's
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Marieta Maglas 07 January 2010

Please tell me that there's another chance to do it all again nice meditative, prosaic poem

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Ben Gieske 07 December 2007

If it helps, there is another chance but not to do it all again. We must live with our regrets. Your poem is full of passion and that is how life should be lived.

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Simone Inez Harriman 04 July 2005

Lovely poem Moriah. So well done.

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Gillian.E. Shaw 28 June 2005

I hope time will help you come to terms until new love finds you. Not a better love nor a greater love but a different love of stability and security. Then you will be able to fly! Your poem is excellent!

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