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Come sail with me. It's a journey of discovery.
Not for the weak hearted, but for the strong
searching spirit that longs for knowledge.
Let us accompany each other on this trip of enlightenment.
While we find ourselves let us also
embrace the uniqueness of the other.
Let me also learn from you; my mirror, my alter ego.
We are opposites yet so very similar.
I look at you and see infinite possibility.
I take a part of you and weave the intricate

patterns of your personality with mine.
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Ben Gieske 01 December 2007

I have made my own journey and found yours to be an interesting one. Writing poetry is wonderful. You can do it while and inbetween everything else you might be busy with. With your hands busy with children you should be able to see lots of inspiring ideas. I hope you continue to write your poetic journal to capture the moments that are worth remembering.

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Jemarie Ragudo 14 November 2007

This is a beautiful pledge of lifelong commitment, something that one would like to say during weddings. Another 10 for you.

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Gillian.E. Shaw 28 June 2005

Yes, I love this too! Especially the ending. Lovely!

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Raynette Eitel 21 June 2005

I like this one so much better than 'Don't Touch.' The images are clear and you have not been repetitive as in the other. Raynette

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