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I am a 30 year, stay at home mom of four. I have been journal writing since I was 15. I'm not an accomplished writer by any means. Writing is an escape for me, a way to transcend lifes constant monotony. It's a way to delve into my soul and wrench out the hidden shadows that reside within. For no shadow can live in the light. It's a good thing I have writing as an outlet. Four kids could drive a person to drink. HaHa.. Who says you have to be serious all the time?

Moriah Lederman Poems

The Meek

She travels alone, carried by currents
unknown even to her.
Here but for a moment.
Fragrant blossoms rest upon her head

My Contribution To The World

It is not invention, discoveries
Or Such
That live on in my name


Come sail with me. It's a journey of discovery.
Not for the weak hearted, but for the strong
searching spirit that longs for knowledge.
Let us accompany each other on this trip of enlightenment.

Don'T Touch

Don't touch me...
I cannot bear you touch me there.
My heart's in shambles, no longer there.
I've hidden away my deepest spring for fear


Each morning is another death. I die with the
opening of my eyes. Only in my dreams awaken
to fight the truth of my existence. I chose
this bed and now I lay within, unmoving,

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