Draw The Blinds, Time Poem by Rani Turton

Draw The Blinds, Time

Rating: 2.4

Draw the blinds, Time
Its time enough and enough
Time to grieve: I do not want
The sun to weighten closed lids;
I do not want the light to numb
My sight; for me, it is yet night.

Draw the blinds, Time
Its time enought and enough
Time to accept and not weep.
There is a calm about intense grief
That frees the spirit; the spirit
That cannot bear anymore.

Now, Time, draw the blinds,
Daylight has come on tiptoe.
Dawn will flicker into day:
And the pain will finally go.

Copyright: Rani Turton

Paul Brookes 29 November 2011

Great poem I've felt like this myself

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Adeline Foster 23 November 2011

Almost has an Emily Dickenson flavor. The thought is well expressed. Read mine – In Answer to Her Letter – Adeline

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Sajna Kailas 19 November 2011

loved it, words and expressions are too good.happy to read it, structure of the poem is absolutely fantastic.keep it up! May God Bless You! ! ! ! ! !

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Sam Aleks 18 October 2011

a beautiful way of addressing the cycle of grief, i like the cohesive structure between stanzas and how each focuses on different periods of the cycle.

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