Dusk Comes Poem by Rani Turton

Dusk Comes

Rating: 5.0

Dusk comes, softly, slowly, like a shy bride
Dusk comes with a golden-red veil as if to hide
The diamonds in the hair, the khol in the eyes
Heat arises from the earth and flies
Straight into the sky; birds twitter
Suddenly life doesn't seem to be so bitter

A mud path leads to a lane bordered by trees
Dusk falls, each home has its stories;
Clatter of pans, people back from work, now
Approaching darkness, trees in shadow
Now voices that rise and fall, babies cry
Dusk falls and the day bows and says goodbye.

Broken Peaces 15 May 2008

Nature handled with the sensativity of of a heart as warm as the setting sun itself we both share the same vision 10 Chris x

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Kesav Easwaran 17 May 2008

Dawn and dusk have always fascinated my mind…and this dusk of yours has beaten all of mine! Stanza 1 is a beautiful description of nature. Stanza 2 that of mundane life…And what is the link? the line ‘…and suddenly life doesn’t seem to be so bitter! ' A wonderful poem indeed! A ten for this dusk!

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Flora Gillingham 22 May 2008

A gem. Love especially dusk coming slowly like a shy bride in a gold-red veil. Concludes beautifully too. Fx

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Ivor Hogg 22 May 2008

My favourite time of the day Your personification of dusk as a shy bride is superb The second stanza conveys the every day ordinariness perfectly I applaud

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Sandra Fowler 26 May 2008

A beautiful word painting of that magical interlude between light and darkness. You are a fine songsmith. Love, Sandra

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Stone Granite 11 July 2008

I truly enjoyed this majestic poem. It is wrought with imaginary and warmth.

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Chitra - 09 July 2008

how very picturesque Dusk Personified! !

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Vidyadhar Durgekar 12 June 2008

Dusk falls and the day bows and says goodbye. ...........Nice one

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Louie Limosani 10 June 2008

This is a very good poem. Well done

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Sunaina Dalaya 02 June 2008

I honestly think this is one of your best! Love, Spru

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