Dream Girl

Rating: 4.8

Fascinating in many ways,
she kept my mind in constant daze.
In the summer of 98 I made a wish,
to fall in love with my dream girls' kiss.
She would stepped into reality,
and leave the world of fantasy.
By the fall of dusk I knelt to pray,
for my dream girl's presence another day.
Out of the cold and winter deep
she came to me when I laid to sleep.
By the fall of 99 I wished again,
for my dream girl to fill the void within.
Infactuations far from mild,
my dreams of her are often wild.
In the spring of 2000 I opened my eyes,
and saw her face in rainbow skies.
Curious enough I reached for her,
as heartfelt passion began to stir.
But alas this image went away,
and I remained without her another day.
Quietly I cried and left for home,
fearing my life to be lived alone.
I said to myself she's only a dream,
and things at times are not as they seem
It was then that I heard a voice,
and I knew then she'd made her choice.
No more wishes or skies to explore.
she was a dream nevermore.

Bkhj Chen 11 April 2005

Nice poem. Very nice and pleasant poem.

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