Dresden Again?

The bombs are dropping still
so reminiscent of the dirty days
of powdered dust, so cocoa brown,
the city was surrounded by the coal
that built a generation there,
of Thyssen, Krupp and companies.

They say that there were just a few,
all Pharma men, such keen observers,
I do suspect that history, this time has
without a doubt received re-incarnation.

Well, not to worry, folks, they will not burn
the stuff that could so easily feed any flame.
Old men in fancy bunkers, patient men,
and always counting notes with little smiles,
there cannot ever be an end to this, dear God
you have your raindrops and the sudden snow
you must allow us to present the real show.

O Anna Niemus 14 July 2008

Dresden, Cologne, Berlin.. Hiroshima Nagasaki London... all mass murder arranged by Hitler, Churchill and Truman

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Declan McHenry 20 July 2006

Let's hope not H. The British make a lot of noise about the Blitz spirit. Between September 1940 and May 1941 there were about 43,000 killed during the Blitz (too many of course) . But, at Dresden,25-35,000 were killed in just two days of bombing. It puts things in perspective. Thanks for posting this thought provoking piece.

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