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He said “Hi” today.
Oh God, what did I say?
“Good morning” or something,
It was total instinct.

You follow naive and blind to the lies they spread.
You mind your manners and swallow what they`ve said.
They will narrow your options til you`re too tied to choose.
And after the devastation clears, who will you stand to lose?

What`s wrong with me is what`s ill in you.
You forced my hand and degraded my view.
And with a blade, you`ve placed me here,
Substituted my innocence with unending fear.

I see into you through your eyes, I see your true intention.
I can read your wicked mind, sins you`d rather not mention.
An immoral heart such as yours must squirm inside its cage
And fill your nights with tormented dreams of guilt and rage.

Caution. Tread lightly, for I am easily broken.
This bleeding heart of mine is more often left open.
Each time I get ready to heal another gash appears.
And there`s nothing left inside me now restraining back my tears.

The itch is driving in too deep.
Where tranquility refuses to keep.
I`m screaming, I`m burning,
And on the inside, I`m churning.

No one else`s eyes get me lit.
I swoon, melt and quite forget,
To blink, swallow, stand or sit.
I`m twisted up for you.

Here it is again,
The creeping ache.
The endless dread
Takes a scarlet shade.

Warmness… that`s what I know,
As soon as your skin meets mine.
Out from your touch emitting slow
Is a bliss bitter sweetly divine.

All of me and things I`ll never be,
Evaporation and what I cannot see.
Confound and cloud my reality…
In this life of death and finality.

If your eyes touch me like that again,
I may require the feel of your skin.
Away from the fireside I`ll lead you down.
They won`t notice if we don`t make a sound.

Here is a girl, she lives in her head.
All she wants is to stay in her bed.
The horror she`s seen,
sometimes she can`t breath

Overcome am I, as far as yearning goes
And to the edge where pleasure flows.
Falling footless into the fray,
To where I land, I have no say.

Slink, you black devil
Across my room.
Into my face, unsubtle.
I`m not afraid of you.

Addicted to skin,
It binds me tight.
One two three I begin
As I spring to flight


The words I choose are always wrong.
Elucidations stuck where they don`t belong.
Too many reasons… they fall to the floor.
All I know is I can`t do this anymore.

I can`t breathe when you are away.
The air gets sucked right from my day.
I feel as though my heart is sinking,
As I lose the need for rational thinking.


This territory is something else
These sore feet leave no prints.
I can fly if I`m locked inside myself.
For a moment I regain some sense.

Pill number one: for the nightmares I can`t escape.
Pill number two: for the self loathe and hate.
Pill number three: for the hauntingly brutal rape.
Pill number four: for the way I`m regarded by fate.

Too many nights I have wasted
on these visions and dreams squandered away.
Too much pain have I tasted
waiting for you to come back to me someday.

Brandi Guthrie Biography

I write with wretched tenacity for the purpose of expelling my demons. I accept their ugliness and find sanctuary in their potent indentification of me.I`ve been writing since I was seven... that`s when I first wanted to die. There is a darkness in me that has been amplified through trauma. I have only recently gotten the nerve to publicate my poetry.I can only hope that the things I write could in some way ease the pain of other rape survivors and give them a little comfort in knowing that they are not alone.)

The Best Poem Of Brandi Guthrie

He Said 'Hi'

He said “Hi” today.
Oh God, what did I say?
“Good morning” or something,
It was total instinct.
If my heart did stop, my lungs didn`t help.
At an instant I froze inside myself.
I wonder if he knows how beautiful he is.
That nature, herself shyes green away envious.
And a light called “hope” shines from his eyes.
Now my heart hurts but I`m not going to cry…
He said “Hi”.
I wish I knew what he was thinking.
As he turned his head to look at me.
Maybe the pain from his thought`s reality
Would crash down on me like gravity.
It`s all a trick fate loves to play.
To twist this damage within me like clay.
See, I know I`ll never be good enough
To deserve the encompassing warmth of his love.
So I`m standing here, still in time
Wishing I`d never seen his eyes.
He said “Hi”.

Brandi Guthrie Comments

Elias Galvez 28 November 2010

I enjoyed endsong. Give thanks for the gifts. Learn from experience. Keep writing I'll read your poems.

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Brandon Owens 05 May 2010

I think you're a great poet with tons of potential. I hope you find some happiness in all the dim. Even at night the sky refuses to be pitch black.

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