The Little Wise Doll

Drops Of Tears And Blood - Poem by The Little Wise Doll

Today I cried
I cried a lot
I cried until my eyes became bloodshot
I tried to take it
To calm myself down
But today I just couldn't
No way, no how.
So I got myself up
Grabed some paper and a pen
And wrote a quick note
To my family and friends.
Then I went to the room
And grabbed the long knife.
I looked at the blade
So shiny, new, and clean
And a word popped into my head
Pure is what it seemed.
The blade seemed so pure
So perfect for the job
The soon it would become tainted
In my mind that's what I thought.
I gentely placed the note down
And I pulled the blade up
A quick slash on my forehead
And the blood came trickling up.
It ran down over my face
My eyes and my cheeks
Mixing with the tears
That had unknownly leaked.
I taste my blood on my lips
So sweet yet so bitter
I smile slightly knowing
That in the end i'm not a quitter.
The blade now shines and drips
With my blood so sickly sweet
I run my hand across the surface
Sighing contently as it bleeds.
I feel ready for the end
And lift the blade up to my neck
I think one more time
Of my life's past events.
I smile as I swipe the blade across my neck
Gasping for a second
And then I stop breathing all the rest.
My head falls down on the table
The knife still in my hand
Blood starts to pool around me
As I feel quite dead.
One last time I look sideways
To the note I had left
Smiling a soft smile
And then relaxing into death.
That note on my table
Written in fine blue ink
With my finest handwritting
So fancy and neat.
Sits next to the pool of blood
As it drips to my feet.
Only a few specks on this paper
Specks not of blue ink
But drops of tears and blood
Mixed together from my cheek.

Topic(s) of this poem: emotion

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Poem Submitted: Friday, August 10, 2012

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