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What I See Outside My Window

I look out my window down to the streets
Dark silhouettes of trees outline dusky lights
Cars pass by quick and slow
I look up to see the dark night sky
Full of stars, no clouds in sight
It gives me the impression of peace for once
But I know what lays beneath its lies
Peace is not found because chaos ensues
Chaos that one does not see
It lies in words spoken behind closed doors
Sometimes those doors open and it comes forth
But most usually stay tightly closed
Not wrenched open by the day's break
So under the cover of this stary night
The doors of chaos...

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Drops Of Tears And Blood

Today I cried
I cried a lot
I cried until my eyes became bloodshot
I tried to take it
To calm myself down
But today I just couldn't
No way, no how.
So I got myself up
Grabed some paper and a pen

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